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Monday Jan 06, 2020

New Version: The Incarnational Rights of Men and Women: The Illumination and Flowering of Homo Incarnatus
by Peter Falkenberg Brown
The twenty-first century has brought humankind to a crossroads. Will all human beings enjoy complete civil and religious freedom based on their inalienable rights, or will global tyranny erode and crush those rights?
Strains of tyranny come in many forms, but top contenders for this century include the potential global hegemonies of Communist China, an Islamic Caliphate that extends into Europe and Britain, and Western nations that fall to a rising encroachment of socialism and Marxism.
In spite of the hostility and ignorance of totalitarians, I believe that the scales are weighted in favor of freedom and human rights. Illumination and a desire for freedom are percolating across the world, and have been increasing in speed and scope.
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The True Identity of Humans

Monday Apr 22, 2019

Monday Apr 22, 2019

The True Identity of Humans
by Peter Falkenberg Brown
Sick of #IdentityPolitics? Tired of watching as humans are divided into hostile groups of oppressors versus oppressed by activists who thrive on discord? Do you believe that #AllLivesMatter with sacred, individual rights? It's time to reexamine the true identity of humans!
What is a human being? Who are we? What is our identity? Are we simply evolved from squirmy, squiggly, little things? Are we proud that we’re smarter than our granduncle Frankie the Baboon? Or are we created by a divine intelligence of love? If we are, what impact does that reality have on human relations?
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Monday Jan 21, 2019

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Historically, religious people have prayed to God, and then tried to receive inspiration in return.
Very few could say that "God spoke to me," and when they did, they were often regarded as heretics or mentally imbalanced.
Yet, many people believe in God and believe that God is an intellectual, thoughtful Creator who has a mind.
Is there a way for us to communicate with God in a balanced and reasonable way?
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Thursday Dec 27, 2018

How can peace come to the world?
How can humans grow beyond an endless cycle of violence, hatred, and tragedy?
What can each of us do to become individuals that foster peace wherever we go?

Sunday Aug 05, 2018

What can we learn from nature?Can nature change us and deepen our capacity to love?Even in the grimmest of city lives, we can find a patch of sky, a breath of wind, or a bird to console our hearts.

Monday Jun 25, 2018

by Peter Falkenberg Brown: A comprehensive review of freedom of speech and the offense of political correctness, ranging from the goodness of people and puppies to the Salem witch trials, Mao's Red Guard, totalitarianism, the Civil War, slavery, Frederick Douglass, American exceptionalism, social justice warriors, identity politics, intersectionality, the oppression olympics, the tyranny of Islamic Shariah law, and the healing vision of Martin Luther King, Jr.Do you value freedom of speech? Do you think that political correctness has gone too far? Are you frustrated with the rhetoric of social justice warriors? Are you looking for ways to cut through all the PC confusion with clarity and truth?You are not alone!

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